Monika Gullerova (Oxford)

Molecular Biology

Matej Macak (UCL)

How neurons integrate information in the brain or how is it that neuroscience costs so much?

Andrej Pancik (Prizeo)

Start-up Experience, Including Y Combinator

Michal Forisek (Comenius)

What makes some pen-and-paper puzzles fun to solve by hand? What makes them hard to solve for a computer? Is there some connection between the answers to the previous questions?

Maria Friedmannova (Oxford)

Experimental Psychology

Dalibor Rohac (Cato Institute, Washington DC)

Why economic growth is like Mona Lisa.

Duel #1

Marian Porvaznik (Oxford)

David or Golliath? Does Slovakia have and/or need a strong president?

Duel #2


(May 3 - May 5, 2013)


6:30pm Banquet (St Johns)


9am Opening
9:10am Monika Gullerova (ppt)
9:40am Matej Macak (ppt)
10:05am Michal Forisek (pdf)
10:30am Coffee Break

10:55am Maria Friedmannova (ppt)
11:20am Kubo / Majo (duel)
12pm Lunch

1:50pm Hyde Park Corner
2:00pm Dalibor Rohac (ppt)
2:25pm Andrej Pancik (ppt)
2:50pm Coffee Break

3:05pm Hynek / Katarina Bachrati (pdf)
3:30pm Juraj / Anna  (duel)

4:00pm Closing

4:40pm Game in the Park

7:30pm Wine & Cheese


Punting, Frisbee, Lunch, Discussions