Line-up 2015

Friday Morning

Zuzana Molnarova (University of Vienna)

Helicopter Money and Frankfurt on Fire: A Short Introduction into the European Central Bank Strategy

Barbora Trubenova (IST Austria)

Evolution of Altruism: Should Atlas Shrug or Carry on?

Michal Burger (Facebook)

Silicon Valley: Insider Story

Saturday Morning

Jiri Vaclavik (ETH Zurich)

Chemistry: How We Do It

Marketa Setinova (

Teaching Czech People to Shop Online

Igor Barilik (University of Oxford)

Development of Basic Rights in Criminal Procedural Law - From Torture to Constitutional Court

Workshops 2015

Friday Afternoon

Matej Ftacnik (The Spot)

Pitch Training and Customer Discovery

Sunday Morning

Michal Forisek (Comenius University)

Quick and Dirty Hacks for Creative Writing

Hynek Bachraty and Katarina Bachrata (University of Zilina)

Sample Lesson of Vit Hejny's Mathematics Teaching

Start-up Panel

Saturday Evening

Peter Komornik

CEO at

Matej Ftacnik

Co-founder of The Spot

Jakub Ptacin

Designer and Activist

Lightning Talks 2015

Lubos Steskal

Escape Room in Bergen

Zuzana Masarova

Teaching Mathematics in Africa

Rastislav Molnar

Tarquini Smart Shirt

Matej Macak

Can Social Medias Predict Patterns in London Property Market?

Beata Vilhanova

How to Produce the Right Drug

Iveta Jancigova

My Body, My Decision

Daniel Bundala

Friday Night Projects


This year's venue is in the heart of Austria after the previous year in Tuscany and four years in Oxford. The goal of the venue change is to keep the event as energised and innovative as possible and to attract attendants from all over the globe.

Accommodation: SOS 2015 will exclusively occupy the Puttererschlössl, which has even its own small lake, and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The conference will start with lunch on Thursday (30th April) and the program will end on Sunday (3rd May) -- with accommodation provided until Monday as part of the registration fee.

Jugendgästehaus Puttererschlößl: Schullandwochen, Schulsportwochen, Musikwochen, Ferienlager, Sprachcamps, Seminare Musikwoche, Chor- Und Orchesterproben im jugendgästehaus Puttererschlössl, Steiermark